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Sankey’s Fishmongers is owned and operated by Graeme Anderson & Matthew Sankey.


The pair met by chance whilst buying fish at Billingsgate Market. A strong friendship grew quickly and it wasn’t long before the pair opened their first shop in Tunbridge Wells in 2009.


Both Graeme & Matthew share a passion for fish. They have both grown up in the seafood industry, Graeme through his father’s salmon farm in Scotland through to working for various fishmonger’s firms up and down the country before settling with his young family here in Tunbridge Wells, and Matthew is the third generation of the Sankey family to operate a seafood restaurant in the Tunbridge Wells area. They still use some of the same firms that Matthew’s grandfather purchased fish from back in the George & Dragon days in the 1960’s.

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Our fishmongers are some of the best in the business…and come from all walks of life. The team at the shop is unique.


The two Nicks

Nick Capon, our wholesale manager has been in the team since 2010 and deals with the supply of fresh fish to a large number of local restaurants in and around Tunbridge Wells.


Nicholas Westover, an ever present in fishmongers in Tunbridge Wells. Nick has worked in every fishmongers there has been in our town until the last one closed in the late 90’s. He then worked at a local supermarket in their counter until Sankey’s Fishmongers opened.


Graeme & Graham

Graeme Anderson, or ‘Graeme the Fish’, has worked in the seafood industry all his life with family ties in salmon fishing in Scotland. Graeme has worked in as many parts of the industry as you can imagine and brings a wealth of knowledge and contacts to the shop. He is also a multiple winner of Fishmonger of the Year.


Graham Lott is our shop manager and looks after the day to day running of the store. He is a relatively new to the fishmonger industry and has been with Sankey’s Fishmongers for just over 4 years now. He has become a favourite with our regulars.


Matt & Matthew

Matt Baker is Graham Lott’s right hand man in the retail shop. The youngest of the crew, Matt is learning the trade from the very best.


Matthew Sankey, with a passion for fresh fish & sustainability, runs the company with Graeme alongside the restaurant side of the business.

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